Allen Ruppersberg

10 May - 16 June 2012

Poem #1 Flashback Startover, 2001/2012

Poem #1 Flashback Startover (2001/2012), which takes up the second room, consists of a wall of laminated panels. Each panel is one page of the poem, which are extra large blowups from children's coloring books, hand colored by children of about 7 years old. As Tim Griffin stated: 'If ever there were an artist whose practice seemed premised on Jacques Ranciere's idea of the spectator who "makes his poem with the poem that is performed in front of him," it is Allen Ruppersberg. […] Ruppersberg's own recasting of language is foregrounded at the same time as the act of reading is activated—the poem placed in the viewer's body, in effect, as one inevitably must mouth the words in order to recompose and decipher them for oneself.'