Allen Ruppersberg

10 May - 16 June 2012

My Secret Life, 1974/2012

My Secret Life (1974/2012) is a large black and white photograph which is hung upside down and partially rolled up on the wall like a scroll, revealing only the bottom part of the image: the profile of a man (presumably Ruppersberg) wearing blue jeans and cowboy boots. Its title is reminiscent of, and equally suggestive as, Ruppersberg’s publication The Secret of Life and Death, an entertaining meditation from 1977 on categorization and entropy, each statement beginning with "Some men..." and end with "Others do not." ("Some men see things others should not and doubt what they hear. Others do not." Or "Some men use the words of other men. Others do not.") This structure alternates with versions where the words have fallen out of a sensible order, such as "For cry the some past secretly men. Not do others."