Allen Ruppersberg

10 May - 16 June 2012

The Rise And Fall Of Los Angeles (Photo/Object/Sculpture/Record), 2012

The Rise And Fall Of Los Angeles (2012) features a series of 8 Photo/Object/Sculpture/Records displayed on a shelf in the main room. Alternating street scenes of a violin player cast in the shade of the bright Hollywood sun, with those of bus benches serving as billboards with a portable radio resting on it, these Photo/Objects juxtapose everyday icons of the city's cultural and commercial life during the early seventies. "The person playing the violin is me—playing while the L.A. I loved, disappears", Ruppersberg clarified. Each of these multifaceted objects is accompanied by a DVD-video on a turntable so as to hear the recording engraved on it, thus forming an audio soundtrack to echo the visual road trip taken across the photographs.