Ann Veronica Janssens

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Neon Parallax, 9 avenue Henri-Dunant
Plaine de Plainpalais, Geneva

The Belgian artist, known in particular for her lighting installations in which coloured fogs dissolve shapes and contours, explores the limits of perception, extending the physical and mental experience of the spectator. For Neon Parallax, she takes up a fragment of text that she found on a small poster on the very site of Plainpalais. This portrayed a scientific analysis carried out by Cambridge University, according to which the order of letters in a word is not vital to its readability provided that the first and last letters are in the right place. The text featured here in white capitals, L'ODRRE N'A PAS D'IPMROTNCAE, gives rise to a perception in several dimensions, triggering a reflex in reading that leads, through the automatic ordering of letters, to overall comprehension; the work elicits reflection that goes beyond the first look, raises questions on its different possible senses, from the concrete visual to the epistemological, from the artistic to the political.

Photo credit: Serge Fruehauf / Fonds d'Art Contemporain de la Ville et du Canton de Genève