Ann Veronica Janssens

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De Geestgronden, Bennebroek

De Geestgronden is a mental health care organization whose oldest establishment is the classical psychiatric hospital in Bennebroek. The complex originates from the 1930’s and was built in moderated art deco style. Its particularly beautiful pavilions are located around a central pond and flower garden. 
Ann Veronica Janssens imagined a work of art in the form of a cloud that would interact with the two ponds on the property. Reminiscent of the ‘works of fog’ that she previously made in enclosed and often museological spaces, it is now in Bennebroek’s park that, a few times a day, an actual cloud is seen to appear. It is a low-hanging cloud made of concentrated fog which is usually white and sometimes pink. The cloud appears unannounced, then blows away and disappears, only to reappear later. 
The work of Ann Veronica Janssens distances itself from the usual expectations regarding a work of art. Her art is made up of modest interventions that serve to emphasize or to throw new light on the features of an existing situation or location.

The colored cloud, constituted by the evaporation of droplets of water, rises from the ground. The system is automated, autonomous and integrated into the soil. The coloring can come from artificial lighting (night) or tinted water (day). The cloud can appear according to a predetermined schedule or a short period of time. Production year: 2005.