David Claerbout

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Kunsthalle Mainz
22 March - 16 June 2013

The Kunsthalle Mainz staged a solo exhibition of David Claerbout’s work, featuring selected films of the past years. It also presented to the audience a work never shown before to the public. Oil workers (from the Shell company of Nigeria) returning home from work, caught in torrential rain (2013) portrays working men leaving a factory in Nigeria at the end of their shift. In the title and subject, Claerbout makes reference to the first film by the Lumière Brothers. He shares the Lumières’ fascination with the experience of time and movement. Yet unlike those pioneers of the film medium he is concerned not with the depiction of human beings in movement, but above all with the play of light, reflections in oil and water, and the labour situation in Nigeria.

photo credit: Norbert Miguletz