On Kawara

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One Million Years, 1999

(2 x) 14,4 x 10,5 cm
two volumes on ivory paper, black leather slipcase
silver and gold embossing, (2 x) 2.000 pages

The first volume, For all those who have lived and died, is stamped in gold and begins in 998.031 B.C. and ends in 1969 A.D., the year of the beginning of One Million Years in the work of On Kawara, meaning 1 million years later. The second volume For the last one stamped in silver, begins in 1993 A.D. and stops 1 million years later, in 1.001.992 A.D. Every page contents 500 years. The text on every page is made of 10 columns strictly aligned and subdivided in 5 blocs of 100 years, every bloc containing 10 lines, every line containing a decennium. The two volumes of this book are similar in their internal organization.