Matt Mullican

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Museo Tamayo, Mexico
23 October 2013 - 20 April 2014

It’s not the world that you see, it’s the world that I see representing the world that you see — Matt Mullican

This exhibition by American artist Matt Mullican (Santa Monica, 1951) is the first survey in Mexico of his over forty-year-long practice. Since he was a student at the California Institute of the Arts (Los Angeles, 1972–1975), Mullican, along with others of his generation, began a post-conceptual art practice, whose particularity was to question the precepts that govern representations of reality and fiction. These artistic processes were informed by a reflection on the way that subjectivity influences our perception and cognition of the world.

Mullican’s project has been centered from the outset on the examination of the reality “inside the image”—an examination that became more homogenous after he made the series of drawings of a stick-figure character named Glen. Mullican’s continuous meditation on the reality inside the image led him to other strategies involving signs in the form of theories or cosmologies. Like a kind of databank for the creation of projects in various media, Mullican’s cosmologies include patterns, colors and signs as well as maps, flags, virtual cities and architectural typologies. These systems of obsessively recombined signs are speculative philosophical intuitions and as such, subjective ways of explaining and lending meaning to the world’s events and phenomena. "That world" thus refers to "the subjectively created view of the outside world based on our view from the inside", to quote Mullican. That World/Ese Mundo features projects speculating about life inside the world of images and signs, as well as Mullican’s phenomenological turn with virtual images, the architectural spaces of his cosmologies, and performances under hypnosis exploring the mazes of his psyche.

Photo credit: Daniela Uribe / Courtesy Museo Tamayo